I host a show called Connors Computer Show™ on YouTube,Revver and blip.tv. It has been going on YouTube for almost a year now. Connors Computer Show was not a computer show when it first started. I only made 2 videos before it was a computer show. Then on episode 3,it was then a computer show. But then there was a huge gap of no episodes. Up until August of 2007,episode 4 was released in 2 versions:censored and uncensored. Then, there was 3 videos entitled “Stick figures on crack”. SFOC 3 has this “b-bomb” and then when I came to my dad’s place, i got into trouble and went to bed early. The next day,i made a rant video about SFOC 3. Several commented and then you know what happened to them? They got removed. Days later, PivotMasterDX, got closed down! That was very good news to me. Then,several protested to bring them back. Bad news for me. Those idiots dont even know beeps. Some commented saying that i hacked him. I did not even know his password. I did no such thing. Advancing to December 2007, season 2 of CCS was started Midnight CST on the start of Winter. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of the Windows Utilities series. A few days earlier, PivotMasterDX was back. More bad news. Then, I protested again. Then, up to now, Connors Computer Show is how it is now.


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